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DECEMBER 6, 2019: Shortly before January 7, 2020: TCRM released a public announcement about week of January 7-15 on the social media accounts of its Honorary President Zeki Gülyiyen, its announcement to the world, without giving the name of the institution. TCRM declared January 7-15 as the Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine, all over the world, for the reasons it has stated in the statements. İt has published by giving the expression "This is a Public Announcement". January 7-15, the Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine that has been closed to the public since August 26, 2010.  January 7-15, the Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine was opened to world public on December 5-6, 2019.

  • TCRM gave the following statements in the last part of all the statements it published in English and Turkish:
  • On January 7, 2020, our Founding President, Mr. Tolgahan Gülyiyen's program;

1-İnformation and announcement speech about our institution,

2-Washington D.C. speech he will make,

3- He will meet with colleagues to discuss some issues.

4- As part of the events, He will cook whole goat in a Greek Restaurant and present it to the guests. They will also present the different menus and dishes created for this event to American and foreign guests.

5-The content of the event will be a simple ceremony and photo shoots and some video shootings.

Starting from January 7, 2020 until January 15, Legend Chef Aydin Yilmaz and Legend Chef Zeki Gülyiyen, they will be remembered to as worthy of their names in Washington D.C. for the entire World.

Announced to the World with Respect: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2019 (WORLDWIDE ANNOUNCED FROM SOCIAL MEDIA)

7 JANUARY 2020: Turkish Cuisine Resurrection Movement was announced and announced to the world. The official website of TCRM, which has been closed to the public for many years, has been made available to the public. And in a part of the statement published on January 7, 2020, the following statements were included:

As we commemorate our legendary chefs every year during the week of January 7-January 15, as befits their name, we will openly invite the whole world to do this starting today. Today and every year throughout this week, our Leader Tolgahan Gülyiyen will cook and serve goats to our foreign guests. In addition, he will personally prepare various food presentations in honor of these legendary chefs. There will also be a simple ceremony. As the pictures on the relevant subjects reach us, we will share them with you by publishing them on our website and social media accounts.

On the occasion of the commemoration week of our legendary chefs, Lokmacı Baba Niyazi Dumlu will distribute lokma-donuts for Aydın Yılmaz and Zeki Gülyiyen over 1500 people in front of Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Istanbul.

JANUARY 15, 2020: A series of statements by our Founding President, Mr. Tolgahan Gülyiyen, has been published. In one part of this statement, he stated the following:

  • “As long as God gives respite, I want to make reminder for those who say ‘ALL ME, ONLY ME’ who praise themselves and think that they are great chefs in Turkiye and around the world every January 7 and January 15. Especially those who attacked the rights of people in the past, they should remember it very well. I want to make reminder for those who think that they are skilled in eradicating people from the our industry and its history by committing the greatest betrayal to Turkish Cuisine. They should know these well: If there are chefs whose only concern is their own pockets and who see themselves as great; I want them all to remember something when they look at the sky. THE ONLY OWNER OF THE SUPPLY AND ABSOLUTE POWER THAT IS THE GREATEST OF ALL IS GOD.”-Tolgahan Gulyiyen
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JANUARY 6, 2021: JANUARY 7-15 Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine 11th YEAR: We commemorate the legendary chefs of Turkish cuisine with respect, love and mercy.

Of course we remember very well the invitations and calls for a moment of silence made right after the tragic loss of one of our legendary chefs, the martyr Zeki Gülyiyen. They were made by some very well-known people in the sector and some sectoral media owners  In this context, our esteemed chef, Tolgahan Gülyiyen, will hold a one-minute silence in Washington D.C. for our martyred chef, Zeki Gülyiyen, alone, without calling or inviting anyone, on January 7, 2021 this year, as every year.

JANUARY 7, 2021: A Moment of Silence for Our Martyr Chief Zeki Gülyiyen

  • Our Guide Chef, our master Zeki Gülyiyen, was martyred on January 7, 2009, while working for Turkish cuisine, which he called my cause(case). On the anniversary of his tragic loss, our late martyred master and chief Zeki Gülyiyen is commemorated with respect, love and mercy.
  • A simple ceremony was held at 10:00 am local time in Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America, for our martyr chef Zeki Gülyiyen, who is one of the legendary names of Turkish cuisine, and also for our legendary chef Aydın Yılmaz. 
  • Before the ceremony, our esteemed chef Tolgahan Gülyiyen held a minute's silence for our martyred chef Zeki Gülyiyen, without taking anyone with him.
  • (Due to Covid-19) Provided that it does not endanger public health; From today until January 15th, our precious legendary chefs Washington D.C. They will also be mentioned in local and foreign restaurants in the region.
  • In addition, as every year, prayers will be recited on behalf of our esteemed masters by asking for blessings from all over the world this week.
  • As the Turkish Cuisine Resurrection Movement, we commemorate the legendary chefs of Turkish cuisine with respect, love and mercy.
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January 8, 2021(Friday): Yasin-i Sharif / Quran

  • Yasin-i Şerif will be read for the sake of our masters Aydın Yılmaz and Zeki Gülyiyen on Friday, January 8, 2021, at the Diyanet Center of America Mosque in Maryland, USA.
  • In the days following January 8, 2021, efforts will be made to ask for blessings on behalf of our deceased chefs in various parts of the world in a way that will not risk public health.
  • In order to avoid images that may cause crowds and social distance violations due to the reasons concerning public health due to the global epidemic, our valuable pastry chef Lokmaci Baba Niyazı Dumlu will not distribute lokma to people in Turkiye this year, unlike last year. Since we consider the possible problems of even the slightest possibility that may adversely affect people's health; We see it as a conscientious responsibility towards all people, above all, to act with high sensitivity in the light of reason and science until our scientists give the message 'everything is fine'.
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23 JANUARY 2021: GökTuğ-1071 specially designed chef's knife was presented as a gift to young Turkish chef Mert Diş, who applied to us with the meal he prepared on the occasion of the 7-15 January Commemoration Week of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine.

1) JANUARY 7, 2022: Happy 7-15 January Traditional Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine

2) JANUARY 7, 2022: Statement of the Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine on January 7-15

  • Traditional January 7-15 Happy Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine The most important week of Turkish cuisine all over the world, which we have been celebrating traditionally every year since the first day of our establishment (August 26, 2010) and we have started to celebrate publicly since January 7, 2020. Happy January 7-15th, the Week of Commemoration of Legendary Chefs of Turkish Cuisine. On the occasion of this week, we commemorate the most valuable chefs of Turkish cuisine, Aydın Yılmaz, Zeki Gülyiyen, Cemal Türkan and Ümit Ömer Sevinç, with respect, love, mercy and gratitude. After the tragic loss of our Zeki Gülyiyen chief, TCRM remembers most of the statements made by the people and organizations in our sector as they were in the archive records. As every year, our Founding Chairman, Mr. Tolgahan Gülyiyen, will hold a minute of silence for our Martyr Chief Zeki Gülyiyen, without inviting anyone to join him, on January 7, 2022, at 10:00 TR local time.

3) JANUARY 7, 2022: Turkish Cuisine Medal of Merit Ceremony Held



Together with the TCRM-Turkish Cuisine Resurrection Movement, WTCA-World Turkish Cuisine Academy is pleased with the existence of people that only work with the interests of Turkish cuisine and for this purpose say Turkish cuisine all over the world.

Our Founding President, Tolgahan Gülyiyen, wrote an article on October 5, 2020, How Happy is the One Who says Turkish Cuisine! He gave that name to his article and explained the subject of how happy is the One Who says Turkish Cuisine for all people and Turkish cooks, chefs. "How Happy is the One Who Says Turkish Cuisine!" He said.

7-15 January Turkish Cuisine's Legendary Chefs Memorial Week, which is the most important week of Turkish cuisine and Turkish cooks-chefs, intellectually and spiritually: In addition to the events held by the World Turkish Cuisine Academy together with TCRM, have made the explanations included in the content in English-Turkish from the past to the present and shared them with the world public on many domestic and foreign platforms.


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